08 Moral Stories In Hindi That Will Leave You Inspired and Motivated

We all need a little motivation and inspiration in our lives to keep us going and achieve our goals. So why not use the power of stories to reach that inner spark? With this blog post, explore ten of the best moral stories in Hindi that are sure to leave you feeling motivated and inspired. From intruiging tales of determination to heartwarming stories of friendship, these stories will help you find the courage and drive to keep pushing forward!

Why do we need Motivational Stories

We all know that a good story can leave us feeling inspired and motivated. And what better way to enjoy a good story than by reading it in our native language?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of moral stories in Hindi that are sure to leave you feeling inspired and motivated. From stories of everyday heroes to tales of overcoming adversity, these stories will remind you of the power of determination and perseverance.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these inspiring moral stories from India!

Story #1: The Lion and the Mouse

The lion was once asleep in the jungle when a mouse started running up and down his body. The lion woke up with a start and grabbed the mouse in his mighty paw. The mouse trembled with fear and begged for mercy. The lion laughed and said, “I am going to eat you.” The mouse pleaded, “Please let me go and I promise I will never bother you again.” The lion thought for a moment and then agreed. He let the mouse go. Some time later, the lion was caught in a trap by hunters. He roared with pain and terror. The mouse heard his cries and came running to help him. He gnawed at the ropes until the lion was free. The lion was very grateful to the mouse and realised that even a small creature can be of great help.

Story #2: The Clever Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a clever rabbit who lived in the forest with his friends. The clever rabbit was always outwitting his enemies and making them look foolish. One day, the clever rabbit was cornered by a group of hunters. The clever rabbit thought quickly and came up with a plan to escape. He told the hunters that he had buried a treasure in the forest and if they let him go, he would show them where it was. The hunters agreed and let the clever rabbit go. The clever rabbit led the hunters deep into the forest before making his escape. The hunters were never able to find the treasure and they were very angry. They vowed to get revenge on the clever rabbit.

Story #3: The Fox and the Stork

Once upon a time, there was a fox who was very cunning. He used to trick other animals and take their food. One day, he tricked a stork and took her food. The stork was very angry and decided to take revenge.

The next day, the fox invited the stork for a meal. The stork agreed but when she got there, she found that the fox had placed all the food in a long necked jar. The fox could reach the food but the stork couldn’t. The fox laughed at the stork and said, “You are too stupid to get your own food!”

The moral of the story is that people who are dishonest will eventually be punished.

Story #4: The Ant and the Dove

Once upon a time, an ant went to the river to drink water. Suddenly, she slipped and fell into the water. She tried her best to climb out, but she couldn’t. A dove saw her and felt sorry for her. He flew down and asked her what had happened. The ant told him that she had fallen into the water and couldn’t get out. The dove said, “Don’t worry, I will help you.” He took her on his back and flew to the shore. The ant was very thankful to the dove and promised that she would never forget his kindness.

Story #5: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a village near the forest. The boy used to take care of the sheep and one day, he got bored and thought of a prank. He started crying, “Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers came running but there was no wolf. The boy laughed at their reaction.

The next day, the boy decided to play the same prank again. But this time, there really was a wolf lurking around. The boy cried for help but when the villagers came, they didn’t believe him because they thought he was lying again. By the time they realized that he was telling the truth, it was too late and the wolf had already killed all the sheep.

The moral of the story is that we should always be truthful and not lie, even if it’s just for fun. Because once we start lying, it becomes difficult to stop and people will stop believing us even when we’re telling the truth.

Story #6: The Dog and His Reflection

A dog saw his reflection in a pool of water and thought it was another dog. He barked at the other dog and tried to attack it. But no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t reach the other dog. He realized that the other dog was just his reflection.

Moral: Don’t be fooled by appearances.

Story #7: The Thirsty Crow

Once upon a time, there was a crow who was very thirsty. He had been searching for water for a long time but couldn’t find any. Finally, he found a pot of water that was placed on the edge of a well. The pot was too heavy for the crow to lift, so he decided to drop some pebbles into it one by one. As the water level rose, the crow was able to drink his fill and quench his thirst.

This story teaches us that even if we face difficulties, we should never give up. We should always find a way to overcome them.

Story #8: The Farmer and the Crane

One day, a farmer was working in his field when he saw a crane land in the nearby pond. The crane began to eat the fish in the pond, and the farmer became angry. He picked up a stone and threw it at the crane, hitting it in the leg. The crane flew away, but soon returned with several other cranes. Together, they began to attack the farmer and peck at him with their beaks. The farmer ran for his life and barely made it back to his house.

The moral of this story is that violence begets violence. If we are violent towards others, we can expect them to be violent towards us in return. This is why it’s important to always try to resolve conflict peacefully.

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